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The story of Honor Music Awards is simple really. Awards, of course honor those who’ve made and sold the music, and have become quite collectible in their own right.

I’ve been collecting awards for nearly thirty years and wanted to share what I’ve found, and learned. The great majority of awards here come from my personal collection and over the years I’ve seen and compared thousands.

When I hold them, something changes. Shiny surfaces attract my eyes. I feel something solid in my hands. Memories come into focus. Success is recognized. I sense connection. Where does their value lie? Take a look around, and at the awards of your favorite artists, and see if you feel the connection. Enjoy.

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For more about why…

As long as I remember I’ve loved music. That led, right out of college in 1969 (The University of Southern California), to start a music store in Long Beach, California, called Licorice Pizza.  When we sold it in 1985 there were 34 stores.

I think everyone who worked at Licorice loved music and it was our pleasure to share it. We singled out albums and artists we thought people would like and worked hard to expose and sell them. We had all request sound systems (turntables and speakers) and encouraged our customers to listen to whatever they wanted. That also gave us the opportunity to share the music we thought they would like.

Record labels supported our activities and in turn provided energy for us to do more. The first label who officially recognized those efforts was A&M. In 1973 they presented Licorice Pizza our first gold record, for Cat Steven’s “Mona Bone Jakon.” It was a gold LP Disc Award Ltd. (a variety of in-house award) inscribed “It took some time. So thanks for believing.”

I was happy with the presentation but didn’t think about the award, or the other awards we received over-time. Having seen them at labels, management companies, and individual homes I took them for granted.

It wasn’t until years after selling Licorice Pizza, that gold records came to my attention as collectible.  The first award I bought was a gold “white matte” 45 for the Beatles “Paperback Writer” presented to Capitol Records. Slowly, I became aware of gold records and noticed when they became available. Friends who had received the awards, signed them and wrote their  stories of the music, times and people involved.

As they say, “Fall in love with awards, and you’ll have more love in your life”


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