Awards With Condition Issues – And How I’d Restore Them (…In Future Posts)

There’s a group of awards I’ve left in disrepair. Out of site, out of mind, may be the best way to describe this cache of 15-20 awards. What they have in common – are condition issues… awards with condition issues (2)Caring for awards, especially if they’re going to be displayed, sold, or in danger of further deterioration, is something we all confront. My philosophy is to keep awards in original condition, which easy to do when there are only slight condition issues. But when an award requires restoration, how much and what repair is enough? If the matte is slightly discolored, does it need to be replaced? What’s the best way to open and re-close an award whose plate or disc needs to be re-attached? Can a frame be repaired or does it need to be replaced? How will these repairs affect not only how it looks, but its future value? Certainly there are many opinions about how to restore (or not restore) awards. In future posts I’ll share some of mine, about… 

Awards missing frames and backing….blondie matteonly

Awards whose plates have slipped…creampalteslip2

Awards whose frame is coming apart….IMG_3036

Awards whose cover-up plate over has slipped… (Back in the day if an RIAA award was ordered and then for one reason or another given to someone other than the person it was called for, a separate name plate was made and glued on)IMG_3038

warworldis closeuppalteWM

Awards whose discs have slipped…IMG_3042


Awards whose label have fallen off the disc…IMG_3054

Awards whose disc has fallen behind the matte…IMG_3058

Awards whose torn paper has allowed dust and cobwebs to enter…IMG_3063


Awards whose black plastic, covering the wood frame, has come off…IMG_3066

Awards whose discs have fallen off and over the plate… IMG_3069

Awards with major marks on Plexiglas…IMG_3071

Awards whose glass has broken…IMG_3072


If you have awards to sell, in whatever condition, I’d love to talk with you

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