Alice Cooper

1. What is this RIAA format called?

2. In what years was this the authorized format?

3. What was the name of this award’s manufacturer?

4. When was this album certified gold?

5. Who is Bob Ezrin?


1. The White Matte

2. 1964-1975

3. New York Frame & Picture Co.

4. March 27, 1973

5. The producer

Alice Cooper “Love It To Death” 1972 Gold RIAA LP White Matte Record Award

Alice Cooper  “Love It to Death” Released: 3/71 Certified Gold: 11/6/72 Peak Chart Position: # 35 This is the first of Alice Cooper’s eight gold LP’s. It was their first teamed up with now-legendary producer Bob Ezrin, and contained the hit single “I’m Eighteen” Their shows garnered enough notoriety for the group to become a […]

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