The Association “Windy”

Released: 5/67

Certified Gold: 7/14/67

Peak Chart Position: #1

This is a classic Disc Award format (non-RIAA) for the Association‘s second #1 single (Cherish was the first). From the Los Angeles area, their soft rock skills made themĀ  a prominent contributor to the music scene in the later part of the 60’s.

This award was presented to Hal Blaine, legendary session drummer. Hal was the studio drummer for countless hit albums and singles of the period.

The presentation was by The Association & Bones (Bones Howe, the producer).

Wood back and masking tape closure is typical of Disc Awards, as is the Disc Award stamp in the lower left hand corner.

Hal Blaine’s signature in the upper left hand corner is a special touch. It reinforced my desire to have the people who received awards inscribe their names, and their stories of the times, people and music.

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