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Genesis And Then There Were Three, was released in 1978, reaching No.3 in the UK and #14 in the United States (becoming their first RIAA certified Gold Album on 5/31/78).  The title comes from a verse of the children’s rhyme “Ten Little Indians” (“Four little Injuns up on a spree, One got fuddled and then there were three”); is a reference to the recent departure of Steve Hackett, reducing Genesis to a trio (which would result in their longest unchanged line-up, which lasted until 1996) – Wikipedia

Thanks to English collector Christopher Simmons for this spotlight award. He told me “the award is an original 1978 West German award, the wall was still up in Germany then. I have seen a few of that era from Germany and that’s how they where given out.”genisisthenthentherewere3WestGermanLPFgenisisthenthentherewere3WestGermanLPPThe Bundesverband Musikindustrie (English: Federal Music Industry Association) or simply BVMI represents the music industry in Germany. See More…

Certified German Record Awards (BVMI) – A Guest Post By Collector Tim Klingenberg

There are gold and platinum record awards certified and manufactured around the world, and knowledgeable collectors who have wonderful collections.  Today I thank German collector Tim Klingenberg for sharing some of his photos and information on German Awards. So without further ado, may I introduce you to Tim… ______________________________ Thanks to Jim for spotlighting this, […]

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