Bob Dylan

The Beatles wouldn’t be The Beatles without Brian Epstein. The Eagles wouldn’t be The Eagles without Irving Azoff.  Alice Cooper wouldn’t be Alice Cooper with out Shep Gordon.

Names on presentation plates tell tales of the music business, and the people involved in its successes. Artists, along with the individuals who provide support in shaping and exposing the talent of the artists, are honored. Gold and Platinum records are the only awards that recognize both.

duo Dylan 2note: pictures taken with different cameras and lighting.

Here you see, side by side, two Authentic, First Presentation, Second-State, reverse White Mattes, for Nashville Skyline (certified gold on 5/7/69). One presented to Bob Dylan, and the other to his influential manager Albert Grossman. Reverse White Mattes were the RIAA format for approximately 6 months from 2/69 to 8/69 in which the album mini was moved from the left hand side of the plate to the right.

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Bob Dylan “Blonde on Blonde” Gold 1966 RIAA LP White Matte record award

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“Blonde on Blonde” completed the trilogy of rock albums that Bob Dylan recorded in 1965 and 1966, starting with Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited. Critics often rank Blonde on Blonde as one of the greatest albums of all time.  -Wikipedia Released in May of 1966, certified RIAA gold on August 25, […]

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Bob Dylan “Nashville Skyline” Gold RIAA LP White Matte Record Award

Bob Dylan’s memorable 1969 exploration of country music “Nashville Skyline” contained one of his top U.S. hits “Lay Lady Lay” … and provides an excellent example of a reverse white matte. For approximately seven month (2/69 to 8/69) during the white matte period the album cover mini was placed on the right of the presentation […]

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