Foo Fighters

Gold and platinum awards have become vivid symbols of music’s success, worldwide.  Honor Music is about celebrating their history and presentation, for those who have received and collect them.


OK, technically this is not a record award (doesn’t contain 45, LP, CD or presentation plate). But it is pretty cool, and ties into other awards that feature charts like here and here.

It’s an ad placed, I expect by the record company (RCA), and then framed with a chart celebrating Foo Fighters first number one record, “Learn to Fly” (You Tube). From the album Nothing Left To Loose, it was certified digital gold on November 01, 2003.

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Foo Fighters “There Is Nothing Left To Lose” RIAA Bar-Hologram Platinum LP/CD Award

It’s Round.  It Rocks.  It’s Foo Fighters “There Is Nothing Left To Lose” Released 11/99, certified gold and platinum on 12/13/99, peak chart position #10. Dave Grohl, since his days with Nirvana, has built a tremendous team of talented people. Foo Fighters are a prime example. This unique round award was presented to Rick Morrison, […]

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