Jim Steinman

Tim, a Meat Loaf collector contacted me to talk about about a Bat Out of Hell award. In our chit-chat I mentioned a Jim Steinman award and he wanted to take a look. So, I thought it would be a good time to add a new category to the Gallery: Award – Non USA

This is a Canadian Recording Industry Association Certified Gold award (commemorating the sale of over 50,000 units).

There is a fascinating story about the album on Wikipedia, Bad for Good. To summarize, all the songs were written by Jim Steinman and originally intended to be recorded by Meat Loaf as a follow up to “Bat out of Hell”. It didn’t work out that way for a variety of reasons. This “solo” album was released in 1981 and went gold in Canada in 1982. It peaked at #63 on the US charts and was not certified gold (which at that time was for the sale of 500,000 copies).

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John Jansen engineered and mixed a long list of albums including Bad for Good.

Regarding the “Bat Out of Hell” album … “After several attempts by several people, John Jansen mixed the version of “Paradise” that is on the album. According to Meat Loaf, he, Jansen and Steinman mixed the title track.” – Wikipedia

As you can see, screws keep the metal frame of this awards together, as well as the hanging hooks on the side of award. These types of metal frames are common on Canadian and British BPI awards. Poser Productions was the framer that made this award (and many other CRIA & BPI awards).