Looking Glass

In February 1972, Robert Mandel was the Epic Records Promotion Manager in Washington, DC. He received a test pressing of an album by a new group named Looking Glass. He took the test pressing around to every radio station in the Washington/Baltimore region. At the time, WPGC AM was one of the leading Top 40 AM stations in the country and was the number one radio station in DC. Harv Moore was the program director. He decided to play the test pressing at night and as Harv related at the time, “the switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree”. He said that he had never received a response like that on a record in his 20 years in radio. Based on the airplay at WPGC and as all the other Top 40 stations followed, Epic rush-released the single of “Brandy” in May of 1972. Based on requests alone, two weeks later, when the single finally hit the stores, “Brandy” was the number one record in DC without a single copy yet sold. Other stations around the country started playing it and it ended up being a number one million seller. – Wikipedia  It was certified RIAA Gold on 8/9/72, and for the week of August 26, 1972  “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” was #1 on Billboard and Cashbox. YouTube Video

Here it is honored with an Authentic, RIAA Certified, First Presentation, First-State, White Matte.


I left this award enclosed in a 18-1/4 x 26  2 mil polyethylene bag. I only display a few awards, and the rest are in storage – in this kind of bag. Over the last few years I’ve been taking them out only to take pictures for posting, but I thought those of you who store awards might be interested in this way of protecting them.  This particular bag is SKU: s18242 from BAGSUnlimited

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