Marco Borsato

Thanks to Maarten Steendam for our first spotlight award, and story, from the Netherlands. For more information on Dutch awards feel free to contact Maarten directly.  

“The most popular singer in the Netherlands is Marco Borsato (46, Dutch, with an Italian father). Since his big breakthrough in 1994, he has made 11 albums. All those albums went gold and platinum. This one, ‘De Bestemming’  (The Destination), from 1998 is his 4th album. (video)

Borsato later became co-owner of a big production company, which was involved in many important Dutch artists. In 2009 the company went bankrupt and Borsato lost millions. Everything from the company was sold: furniture, computers, and more than 50 awards.

Among those awards there were a few presented to Borsato himself. This is one of them. I bought it online from a big fan who got a large bill from the dentist… Ouch, in two ways.