Pointer Sisters

Is a restored award worth more or less than an award in unopened, “First-State” condition?The award you see here for the Pointer Sisters Energy is nearly thirty-five years old, and it’s in relatively good shape. With the exception of the label fallen off the disc. There are certainly examples of awards from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with more exaggerated condition issues, from discs or plates coming loose, to the frames being cracked, or the mattes being stained or faded.

So how does this affect the award’s value?

There are collectors who think an award is more valuable if it is restored to look like new, and facilitate display. In the case of this Pointer Sisters RIAA Floater, it would mean opening the award, re-attaching the label, and then re-sealing.

There are collectors, including myself, with another school of thought. That an award is more valuable in it’s unopened, original, or “First-State” condition.

As to why, consider this: [click to continue…]

Pointer Sisters “Black and White” – 1981 #12 Album – RIAA Floater – Gold Record Award w/Condition Issues

Thumbnail image for Pointer Sisters “Black and White” – 1981 #12 Album – RIAA Floater – Gold Record Award w/Condition Issues

From time to time collectors see awards with the disc fallen off its mounting, like the one below. The culprit is usually a bump, a drop, or the loosening of the adhesive over time. Here we see the condition issue on an RIAA “Floater” celebrating the Pointer Sister’s Black and White album. Released in June […]

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Pointer Sisters “Slow Hand” 1981 Gold RIAA 45 Floater Record Award

The RIAA floater style gold record celebrated the success of music from the mid 70’s to early 80’s including this single “Slow Hand” by The Pointer Sisters. Released in May of 1981 and certified gold on September 2nd of the same year, it reached a peak chart position of #2. Richard Perry produced it, along […]

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