There is only so much wall space. Many successful music people are serially successful, and this award comes from someone who received many. Some of which were a bit faded from display. But this one never got to the wall, and remained pristine in it’s original wrapping from award manufacture Ill-Eagle Enterprises.

The Strokes album “Is This It”  was released in October 2001 and certified gold on February 6, 2002. The Bar Hologram RIAA logo above is the appropriate RIAA first presentation style.

The album’s original cover photograph courted controversy for being too sexually explicit and was replaced (see new cover on award) for the U.S. market. Note: following in the replacement cover tradition of David Bowie – Diamond Dogs, Roxy Music – Country Life, Blind Faith, and The Beatles – Butcher Cover, etc.

While the award was never hung, it still generated the colorful comment below.


To evaluate the authenticness and condition of any award it’s best to hold it in your hands, if that is not possible, photos of the front, plate and back are most useful.