The Ventures are the best-selling instrumental band of all time, and this Disc Award Ltd. In -House gold record celebrates their first hit Walk Don’t Run. Released in 1960, it rose to #2 on the Billboard charts. If you haven’t heard it, or you want to hear it again, check out this classic early video which showcases their wild blend of driving guitars and insistent drum patterns.

20140417_212345Disc award ltd.’s In-House award format was used by many record labels through the 1980’s. This early format is nearly fifty five years old and though it has the distinct look of a disc award, it differs from later disc awards in two obvious ways.

In 1960 the dragon logo, though at theĀ  4 o’clock position that would become standard, was much rougher…20140417_212428_Richtone(HDR)Compare it here to a logo from 1967…20140501_164119_Richtone(HDR)

The backing was paper instead of wood and masking tape… See More…