Collections: Ohio Players, Eddie Kendicks, B. T. Express, The Crusaders, Johnnie Taylor

Describing individual awards and sharing their stories is something we like to do at Honor Music Awards. Today we’re going to do something different–and spotlight a collection.

Collectors from around the world focus on artists and/or periods and/or types of music (the Honor Music Awards collection focuses on the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s). These awards are from the collection of Layne Lawrence in Nashville. He has been collecting for over fifteen years with a clear focus on R&B, funk, and soul, including the ones we spotlight here. Thanks Layne for sharing…

The Ohio Players, a gold RIAA White Matte for Skin TightohioplayersskintightGRWMF ohioplayersskintightGRWMPB. T. Express,  a gold RIAA White Matte for Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied)

btexpressdoitGRWM45F btexpressdoitGRWM45PThe Crusaders, a gold disc award ltd. In-House award for Southern ComfortthecrusaderssoutherncomfortGDALPF thecrusaderssoutherncomfortGDALPPEddie Kendricks, a gold disc award ltd. In-House award for Eddie KendrickseddiekendricsGDALPF eddiekendricsGDALPPJohnnie Taylor, a gold In-House award for EargasmjohnnytayloreargasmGIHLPF johnnytayloreargasmGIHLPP


If you received awards in the 60′s – 70′s – or 80′s, and you want to sell them, or spotlight them to share with other collectors (free), please contact me at (818) 416-3770 or 


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