Q. Are gold records made of gold?

A. No, the gold disc for early record awards were made of nickel “mothers” (sometimes called stampers) that were used for pressing the 45’s and LP’s. They were flash gold plated, quite inexpensively.

Q. Are the gold discs made of the same album as the one being awarded?

A.In the early days it was more likely, but not necessarily, as sales grew any mother that was available could be used.

There are a few simple observations that can tell you if the disc might be the same album. Look at the number of cuts on the disc vs. the number of cuts on the label. If the don’t match it’s not the same album. Or with some awards you might find the label number etched somewhere on the disc trail off.

Q. Why do artists and industry people give up their awards, and why are you able to get them?

A. Awards are given away or sold for several reasons. Awards that were once displayed in offices and conference rooms find their way to closets and garages. Eventually as interest’s change, situations change, jobs change or offices or homes move, they are sold or given away.

Q. How many gold records were made for each LP or 45?

A. There are no records for the quantity of the awards manufactured by LP and 45, or who they were presented to in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It’s safe to say there were far fewer in the 60’s than when the sales of music exploded in the 80’s.

Q. What’s the difference between Authentic, Certified, First Presentation, and Types of presentations?

A.  Here’s a link that explains it.


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