Isley Brothers “Fight The Power (Part 1)” – 1975 #4 Single – RIAA Floater – Gold Record Award

“The Isley Brothers seemed to have as many lives in their show-business career as a cat. They started out as a hit on the black rhythm & blues circuit and later parlayed that into broad success as rock artists. When things slowed down for them in the U.S. teen market in the mid-1960s, they moved to England to become top stars there. Then in the late 60s, they reentered the U.S. pop music picture with recordings on their own label and became as popular in the early 70s as they had been a decade earlier” – John Stambler – The Encyclopedia Of Pop Rock And Soul

The Isley Brothers  Fight The Power (Part 1) was the last of three gold RIAA 45’s the group earned. (following It’s Your Thing in April 1969 and That Lady in October 1973). Released in May of 1975, certified RIAA gold on September 11, 1975, it reached a peak Billboard chart position of #4. Here it is celebrated with an Authentic, First Presentation, First-State “Floater”…


This award is presented to Bud O’Shea who began his entertainment career in the 1960s in San Francisco as a guitarist in the band The Folkswingers, and he started his work behind the scenes in 1964 when he joined Capitol Records, heading up artist relations and promotions for the San Francisco Bay Area. During his time at Capitol the company’s artists included The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Linda Ronstadt, Glen Campbell, The Steve Miller Band and Pink Floyd. In 1969 O’Shea joined CBS Records where he would stay until 1977, leaving as director of marketing in Los Angeles.isleybrosfightthepowerGR45FB


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