The Beatles “Rubber Soul” – A Classic 1965 #1 Album – Honored With An Authentic RIAA White Matte!

An award collector told me there were two kinds of collectors. Those who care that awards are in their original authentic state, and believe they are more valuable that way. And those to whom an award’s original state is not important, but collect them because they honor the music they love, and their musical idols. For me, this Beatles award is a wonderful example of both. Rubber Soul was released in December 1965 and certified RIAA gold on 12/24/65. Here you see it honored with an Authentic, First Presentation, First-State RIAA White Matte Award (the RIAA format from 1964-1975)…beatlesrubersoulGRWMF

The hanging and backing paper are original, complete with manufacturer sticker…beatlesrubersoulGRWMB

The Beatles “Rubber Soul” brought us so much great music! Remember? The other day I was listening to Nowhere Man, then Michelle, then Norwegian Wood, then In My Life, then Girl, then … well you get the picture! Love to honor it all with this authentic, first presentation, first-state RIAA white matte…


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