Whitney Houston Was A Shooting Star – With A Trail Of Gold, Platinum, And Multi Platinum Awards!

In the 1980’s, the number of people who bought music increased dramatically, as did the number of music awards presented. Whitney Houston gives us a great example. Whitney was released in May of 1987 and simultaneously certified RIAA Gold, Platinum and 2X Platinum on 7/28/1987. It went on to sell more than twenty five million copies world wide! U.S. sales led to multiple RIAA awards, from gold to multi-platinum, and one of each could be given to individuals instrumental in creating the success. Here you see such a series of awards, RIAA Flower Holograms (the RIAA format from 1985 to 1989), from single platinum to 6X platinum …whitney PLP

whitney 2xp whitney 3XP whitney 4XP

whitney 5xp

whitney 6xp

RIAA awards manufacturer Creative Glassics made each of these awards…whitney back_________________________

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